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Sky Settles Everything

Documentary Film, Director: Debbra Palmer, Producer: Verlena Orr


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Summary: "A documentary filmed in Grangeville, Idaho, and the surrounding Camas Prairie. It features Wayne James a life-long resident and old-time cattle rancher still in operation at more the 70 years of age. As the subject and star of the film, Wayne James is living proof that the family-style ranching way of life is still alive and well ..."


“The sky settles everything--not only climates and seasons but when the earth shall be beautiful.” -- E.M. Forester







Huckleberry Press

Lewiston Tribune

Blue Fox Theatre, Grangeville

Poetry written & performed by Verlena Orr.

Original guitar music composed & performed by Bill Christensen.

Additional Music Credits: Sharon Palmer (Violin) - Mr. & Mrs. Gates (Banjo, Fiddle)

Filmed in Camas Prairie, Idaho County, Idaho.

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