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holy frigidaire

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Holy Frigidaire is a graphic/comic memoir told in a collection of stories about a young girl growing up Mormon and gay in the 80s. 


Taking after Lynda Barry’s collections of short, vignette-style comics focused on childhood, these original short story comics speak of a deeply confusing and sometimes cruel world where kids are failed by the adults and institutions that are supposed to protect them. 


Heroes and villains show up in the most unlikely places and people; softball coaches, church prophets, school librarians, and best friends.


No matter how subtle or harsh life’s lessons may be—from a slumber party seance to faith healing, and from sex-ed to indecent exposure—there is much to be learned and challenged. HF is also a girl’s first crisis of faith story, with several vignettes foreshadowing self-acceptance and love. 

The book is structured as a collection of four-panel comic strips in snapshots of the life of a pre-teen girl’s experiences at home, school, and church without much interpretation or outsider explanation.


Format is 6x9, black and white interior, color cover, and approximately 96 facing pages of one-tier panels.

Excerpts  | Buy the Book $15
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